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Demola premises, Thursday the 14th, meeting and megalomaniac ideas!
On the blog today the results of our meeting: discussing the first pitch, the mid-pitch, quality issues, some brainstorming and a not-so-traditional questionnaire.
Another meeting with the team.  On a Thursday morning we sat comfortably around our soon-to-be regular table at Demola, and had the second official team meeting. The burning subject was of course the pitch last Tuesday - on which we congratulated Tomas (a post on the pitch coming soon - along with some footage on-scene!).

The first pitch may be over, but the mid-pitch keeps getting closer and closer, and that was one of the main topics of the meeting. We decided to go with, as Kamil expressed it in the meeting report: "a flashy mid-pitch with some nice and catchy call-for-action". We've got some cool ideas to charm the audience with, but that's a matter for a whole another blog entry.

Chau came up with an idea that has been succesfully used in Chicago, San Jose, Memphis and New York based on the easiness of post-its! The fashion of the questionnaire is easy to approach for a person who has something to say about the matter but wouldn't necessarily fill out a traditional on paper printed questionnaire. Also I think we can get some information from the right audience for our project using this way of polling. How would you react to a poll like this?
Picture credit and more information: http://www.giveaminute.info/

Along with other things, we discussed some publicity and contact matters. We talked a little about the blog and the level of officiality we aim for, and decided to set up a Youtube account for the pitches and other videos. Contact with the project partner will be vital before the mid-pitch, and we're looking forward to it, especially after the brainstorming today, I really have the feeling we're on to something here.

- Anni

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