What, where, when:
Building stuff out of playdough in the Demola premises, Thursday the 21st.
On the blog today: Playdough, desperate search for value creation and cool pics!
Another meeting at Demola, this time the whole team present. Adnan had prepared some graphs on cost effectiness, value, and benefits for the customers based on our online mindmap.

Where, when, what:
Demola premises, Thursday the 14th, meeting and megalomaniac ideas!
On the blog today the results of our meeting: discussing the first pitch, the mid-pitch, quality issues, some brainstorming and a not-so-traditional questionnaire.
Another meeting with the team.  On a Thursday morning we sat comfortably around our soon-to-be regular table at Demola, and had the second official team meeting. The burning subject was of course the pitch last Tuesday - on which we congratulated Tomas (a post on the pitch coming soon - along with some footage on-scene!).

The first pitch may be over, but the mid-pitch keeps getting closer and closer, and that was one of the main topics of the meeting. We decided to go with, as Kamil expressed it in the meeting report: "a flashy mid-pitch with some nice and catchy call-for-action". We've got some cool ideas to charm the audience with, but that's a matter for a whole another blog entry.

Chau came up with an idea that has been succesfully used in Chicago, San Jose, Memphis and New York based on the easiness of post-its! The fashion of the questionnaire is easy to approach for a person who has something to say about the matter but wouldn't necessarily fill out a traditional on paper printed questionnaire. Also I think we can get some information from the right audience for our project using this way of polling. How would you react to a poll like this?
Picture credit and more information: http://www.giveaminute.info/

Along with other things, we discussed some publicity and contact matters. We talked a little about the blog and the level of officiality we aim for, and decided to set up a Youtube account for the pitches and other videos. Contact with the project partner will be vital before the mid-pitch, and we're looking forward to it, especially after the brainstorming today, I really have the feeling we're on to something here.

- Anni

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