What, where, when: Weekly meeting, Demola premises, Thursday the 18th of April
On the blog today: Interface, interface, interface... and legos.
Kamil, Tomas and I started the meeting at nine, and Adnan joined us a little later. We did some scheduling related to the final pitch and went through the Card Sorting results. In a short period of time we gathered 7 participants to give us their feedback on the possible categories. Tomas gathered the results from the data to one file, and during today's meeting we were supposed to figure out names/titles for the categories. We also spent some time thinking about the logic behind the answers: In which ways are car pooling and car parking related? Maybe I should conduct some deeper interviews on the subject...

After dealing with the interface related problems we decided it was business time and brought the legos in. Janne had ordered a huge box of legos and we got to be the first ones to pla - ehm - work with them. All of us created our own piece, representing some of the ideas of the movable wall we have been designing. They're going to be used already tomorrow, when we'll have another meeting with the client. I hope Juha Kostiainen likes our visions!

P.S. more videos on our YouTube-channel!

I made a segway!


Working hours:
Adnan 3, so far 52
Anni 13,5, so far 70
Chau 0, so far 53
Kamil 3, so far 60
Tomas 7.5, so far 70 


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