On Tuesday March 12th we had a Pitching event in Demola New Factory. To squeeze your project into a one-minute presentation took surprisingly much preparing. In the video you can see how Tomas managed to do that. To clarify the mumbling, the pitch is also in text format below the video. All pitches followed the NABC-model (=Need, Approach, Benefit, Competition).

The Pitch

Suppose you were selling your stupid apartment. I wouldn't buy it!   

Why, because I want a house that is more secure to my family, more eco-efficient and that helps me and my neighbours to become a community.  

We will design a home with sensors that keep track off the energy consumption, the healthyness of the structures and it provides security. Those are combined with a networking interface for you and your neighbors.

Then, you can save money and be social and feel secure.

The challenge in smart housing is changing peoples mind sets from traditional housing. Our solution will make this mainstream and when it is implemented in your house, I would like to buy it, but you wouldn't like to sell it anymore.  

Please share your thoughts about smart housing for example by commenting this blog entry. Thank you.


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