The Mid-pitch is coming soon, so now is our LOGO!

One week after the Easter holiday, on 10th April, the mid-pitch will be held in Demola New Factory. Hope you guys can join and support our team. We still keep working through internet during Easter. There you can find us very outstanding with the strong message: Let's live smarter!

Finally, we have a logo for our project and then our team T-shirt < the size and colour are still in the progress>. Hopefully, this logo and branding strategy are also included in our business plan how to make people familiar with the concept of smart living.

Give me feedback about the logo and T-shirts. Follow us. We will update our works onward.

Our logo: LIVESMARTER in multi-faceted shapes. It reflects the complexity of the term "Smart living" or "Digital living". The blue colour is derived from the identity of YIT logo.
And now, the T-shirt : White colour?
I think the black colour is almost our final choice
- Chau -

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