This has been an interesting week. We have started to work on with three different areas and we also had two nice happenings at the new factory. Our project is now divided into three concepts: flexible space, engaging the neighborhood and wireless electricity. 

The Mid-pitch

Last Wednesday was the day when we got a brief of what is going on all the projects in Demola. I was the pitcher for our team. I thought pitching would get easier after the one-minute pitch but I was wrong. Now there is so much more to tell about that again the time felt too short. 

My pitch is below this chapter, so go ahead and see what we think a smart home is. There were also many other interesting projects that have similar goals with ours, for example these: The Best Mobile Game Ever, Saving Green by Being Green, Urban Family Housing and Novel Solar Heating.

Design: the Future

On Thursday Anni, Kamil and me were at this interesting event at the new factory. Michael Hardt told about many interesting points concerning design. Many of the things were related to energy efficiency so the event was especially interesting for us. We were also happy to have a change to tell him a few words about our ideas about smart housing. It was nice to hear that he thought we are on the right track. 

What Next

Anni and I are going to work on with the touch screen interface for controlling the smart home and being active in the neighborhood. The next step is to do some card sorting and create more interface mockups based on the results. Card sorting is a simple method for finding out how the users would categorize the different features we want to include in the system.

We will work with Balsamiq for the interface mockups. Depending of how well we proceed with the mockups, we will do some usability tests with the prototypes, hopefully already during next week. We will need 3-5 participants, so if you are interested, please contact me

Adnan is the master of electric thing so he will continue his research about wireless electricity and Kamil and Chau will work on with flexible space. 


You all have a home, so you all have an opinion about living in one. Please comment our posts, it will be really valuable for us. 

Here is also a link to the Prezi-presentation used in the mid-pitch.

- Tomas

Working hours:
Adnan 10, so far 49
Anni 12 so far 56,5
Chau 4,5, so far 53
Kamil 8, so far 57
Tomas 27,5, so far 70

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