What, where, when: Project plan review meeting, Demola, Wednesday the 27th
On the blog today: The fruits of our labor so far and how YIT felt about them!

On Wednesday morning me, Chau, Tomas and Kamil met in Demola at about 9.30 to prepare for the project plan review meeting. Somewhere around 10 our facilitator Janne welcomed us to the meeting room, where we greeted our teachers, Timo Poranen from UTA and Marko Seppänen from TUT. Soon after we met, for the first time in person, Juha Kostiainen from YIT.
I was quite nervous and excited to begin the meeting, and found out afterwards I wasn't the only one - I'm glad Janne is always so relaxed, it really lightens up the mood!

The meeting itself went very well in my opinion. We got exactly the kind of feedback we needed. It was encouraging yet instructive. I feel we got a good idea of how the client feels about our ideas. Juha also gave us some valuable tips on his thoughts about in which direction we should aim with the ideas.

We were encouraged to think about the social value and think of more completely new concepts. I'm feeling confident that we can do it. Janne and our teachers also gave us some valuable feedback, and based on their comments we decided to start making more detailed backlogs of our meetings.
On our team meeting after the project plan review meeting we discussed our pesonal and overall goals of the project - what the project is going to be in the end and what will make it succesfull. Because of the morning meeting we were now able to discuss the next steps of the project.

Timo Poranen helped us quite a bit by providing us with a licence to Balsamiq - a cool tool on interface design. Can't wait to see what we'll make with it - you'll see it on the blog later! After the official team meeting me and Tomas stayed for a while to start with the design on a more traditional (or not) manner. These tables are so darn handy!

The mid-pitch will be quite a task for us because of the holidays. We do however have some nice ideas for that, too. Janne already helped us by providing us with hundreds of pieces of Legos. You'll definitely want to see what we'll come up with! Here's a little teaser in the form of a picture.

Working hours: Adnan 4, so far 23 | Anni 8, so far 36 | Chau 3, so far 30 | Kamil 18,5, so far 49 |Tomas 18, so far 38,5.



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