What, where, when: Not a final meeting after all, Demola premises, Wednesday the 15th of May
On the blog today: Nay to a client meeting, aye to team meeting with unexpected turns of events
Today we were prepared to meet with Juha Kostiainen from YIT for a lunch, but it turned out we were prepared for today, and Juha for Friday. Well, we still got a lot of things done, since though the project is getting closer to it's final, there's still a lot to do. We will have our final report done on Friday, the final Pitch will also have it's finishing touches, the information package for YIT is getting ready, the interface is as ready as it will be at least for this spring.

So, what we did today - we had a meeting with Janne and we finally signed our contracts. We did some iteration on the pitch scetch and came up with a compromise.

In the pic: Adnan explaining his view on the pitch slide, Kamil, Chau and Tomas listening. See how organized we are?

We also, surprisingly, held a brief presentation about our project for an European peer review group. We were asked to talk about the story behind our project: how we got selected for the group, where we are from, what have we done and what are our goals for the future. The group had a lot of good questions, the last one being "Do you watch Dragon's Den?"

The next meeting we'll have will probably be the last one during the course of this course. I'm thinking since the Final Pitch is coming up, the next blog entry will be the one where we'll finally reveal all that we have done. Well, not all, we've gotta keep some secrets for YIT, but you'll get the whole idea of our project!
For the first time in the blog... The whole team! Tah-dah! Thanks to Janne for the pic.

Next Friday we'll meet with Juha and have lunch in The Grill! Sweet!

Working hours:
Adnan 21, so far 109.5
Anni 29.25, so far 118.25
Chau 41.5, so far 111.5
Kamil 32, so far 111.5
Tomas 15.5, so far 135.5

05/15/2013 4:48am

I like my picture, explaining the things


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