Our project has started for over 1 month and our hardworking results in tons of ideas. I hope you guys follow our blog and give us your comments.
Check our youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/LiveSmarterDemola?feature=watch

We have some time-lapsed videos about how we work together. It is very fresh and amazing while working in the open and spontaneous workspace of Demola New Factory. Besides, our group members also attended in some related workshops about Value Creation, Design Workshop or Productification. All of these activities enrich our personal working skill for a cross-disciplinary project. 
In our second group meeting, right after the first pitch, we had brainstorming together. Kamil suggested a very productive way to brainstorm. Each member in five minute must draw by himself his mindmap about smart living. Then we exchanged in round and added our ideas in another mindmap. Finally, we had a bunch of ideas  and arranged them in a huge combo of mindmap.

Create your own mind maps at MindMeister
Click on it and see the slideshow. This is how we cooperate together.
Our main concepts focus on two features: one is the social value for inhabitants and another is flexibility for new apartments. Everything is still on the progress but our project partner YIT also gave us many useful comments in the project plan review meeting.
How to connect people? How to create a community? People live together in the same building but they rarely communicate with each other. What we can do?
This is how I often see while entering a building in Finland, a bulletin board with a lot of ads and notes. The inhabitants find their own way to communicate with their neighbours. Can we do anything to improve it?
We figure out a bunch of essential features to support the residents, organise these features in the order. Right now we still work on this platform concept. 
The second big concept is how to arrange the space the most flexible and adaptable. Can we hide the wall and enlarge our living room for a temporary party? Can we remove all the wires and move our digital devices freely without wired electricity supplier? 
We built up together our rough demos for a innovative smart flat. It looks quite promising. Let's see how far we can imagine and make it come true!
This is just a rough summary about what we have right now. But keep moving forward and heading for the next pitch. See you on 10th April in Demola New Factory.

- Chau -

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