The idea is about wireless electricity in smart houses of future. Below video is from WiTricity, explaining the applications of wireless electricity. This video will give fair enough idea to understand the concept of wireless electricity.
What is wireless electricity ? Its about having a transmitter and receiver at both ends and in between electromagnetic waves are the medium instead of having wires. Yes its safe to use because it is similar to the natural magnetic field around us on earth all the time and causing no harm.
Is the price cheap? The technology is evolving at a very fast pace and soon it will be available into the market at reasonable price.
Is it energy efficient? Yes this is the fact that it is less efficient then wires but our second idea discussed below is more than 90% efficient and if it will be used only for movable things like laptops, mobiles, lamps etc then energy efficiency wont be a really big issue.

In our project of Smart housing we thought about including wireless electricity. We mainly discussed two ideas. 
First idea was to place the transmitter somewhere in the room and the devices in the room having receiver will catch those radio waves and convert them to electricity, but the problem with this idea is that it is less efficient.

Second idea was to put the transmitters at the floor level and the floor tiles will have the passive repeaters, and practically you can have the wireless electricity in all of your floor. You can place anything on the floor having receiver  can get electricity. Your table can have the repeater under it, and you can place your table anywhere in the room and it has wireless electricity in it. You can then place your laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc with wireless receiver added, and it will start charging without any wires attached.

Our great team member Chau has made this picture explaining our concept of wireless electricity. Isn't it great to have such technology in our home?. It will get rid of charger and wires running everywhere in your room. We are excited about this.

After discussion with YIT, the idea is suspended for now because of some practical issues and energy efficiency. But in near future this will be in your house.

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- Adnan -

01/30/2014 10:14am

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