What, where, when: Weekly meeting, Demola premises, Thursday the 4th of April
On the blog today: Interface design and stressing about the mid-pitch!
Thursday's weekly meeting was a little shorter this time: Chau and Kamil had obligations elsewhere, so me and Thomas started the meeting at nine, and Adnan joined us at ten.

Me and Tomas had prepared some drafts of the interface since the last meeting, and we spent the first hour comparing the pros and cons of the designs. At then o'clock we decided to leave the subject for now and continue with it later during the project, because we really had to concentrate on the mid-pitch.

We decided some essential parts: who's going to talk, what are we going to show the audience, with what electrical appliances are we going to present it and what will be the main idea. After talking to Janne we also decided to go with the NABC model, as previously. Janne gave us some tips on the pitch - the main thing is to show the value of our ideas to our client and the future customers. Based on the tips we went through some notes from the project plan review meeting, and thought of the value to the client. We determined the values to
1. Flexible space
2. Energy effiency and its gamification
3. Developing and improving communities

So, these are the things you will be seeing in the mid-pitch on Wednesday. And of course the concrete ideas we have that we haven't yet presented on the blog! Don't worry, that will be taken care of after the mid-pitch.

So, Demola, Wednesday the 10th, 4pm. Be there, or be square!


Working hours:
Adnan 16, so far 39
Anni 8,5, so far 44,5
Chau 18,5, so far 48,5
Kamil 0, so far 49
Tomas 4, so far 42,5


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