Idea is to decide what kind of hardware we need in our project.
Home control Tablet
We need a portable tablet which can be mounted on some wall, also it is movable or the other idea can be a fixed control panel placed on wall which is immovable. This will be used to control our house, interact with the community, energy efficiency gamification and other displays.

Temperature sensors
Then we will be needing wireless temperature sensors to measure the overall temperature of the house

Water meters
A company ABB has developed Digital water meter which can send the data over wireless network. We also need similar water meter to measure the usage of water in our Washroom, Kitchen or lawn. This data will be used to display our water consumption and also to play games with out neighbors and compare the results, we need such data.

WiFi / 3G
Then this project requires some data network to transmit and receive data from YIT central server. We can have a WiFi device at home or we can also have a 3G/4G compatible tablet, through which we can interact with YIT server.

YIT Server
Most importantly there will be a Central YIT server which will receiving data from all the YIT clients, processing and saving it and passing it to all the clients
Bio-metrics based entry system
The idea is still under discussion of having a hassle free finger print based or face recognition entry system. We will need a complete hardware system for this and also its integration with our home control tablet.


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